Best Note Taking Apps Helps You More Productive At Work

Indeed we live in a digital age, an exciting time indeed. Some years back, all important events, dates, information, all would be jotted down on a piece of paper or notebook. The notebook would then be stashed away into a safe area.  However, papers get old pretty fast, and the ink fades; not to mention the inevitable tear.

best digital notepad notes

Fast forward and today, all the above can be noted down on an app! A single app can accommodate what an entire notebook can.

And contrary to what most people assume, note taking apps aren’t just for students! Instead, they are for everyone; the apps help make your life more organised, more productive. Even as an artist, there’s no better way to store your ideas and thoughts than noting them down in an app.

Modern note taking apps can be synchronised so that you can access them on multiple devices; you save your notes on a mobile phone, but can still access the notes on your PC or laptop. Isn’t that fantastic?

Anything that can be saved on the cloud can be synced into multiple devices.

What should you consider before picking a given note taking app? What considerations must you bear in mind?

  • Well, like with any other app, a good note-taking app should be easy to install and use with your digital notepad. While some apps may have a super interactive interface and tools, getting something simpler helps you concentrate on the essential task; that of taking notes.
  • The features also vary; some note-taking apps are more suitable for music lovers, photographers, students, and so on. Understanding this will help you narrow down your search to an app that perfectly suits you.
  • Lastly, some note taking apps are free while others have a subscription fee. Once you pay the subscription fee, you can access more Features on the app.

Top 5 note taking apps that will make you more productive at work in 2019;

  1. Boost note; this is one of the most popular open source apps, it is compatible with Linux, Android, IOS, Windows, macOS. It’s popular with programmers, has more features including a panel to help you monitor and review the notes you’re taking. You can write hefty and complex mathematic formulas using this app, add text snippets, without difficulties.  The app is entirely free, no subscription fee or such.
  2. Evernote; Evernote is a pioneer; it is one of the earliest note-taking apps ever created. It’s compatible with IOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and web. It’s a multipurpose app ideal for taking notes of every kind. You can comfortably store your images, text, audio files, scanned documents, sketches, clipped web pages, and so much more. Some notable features of this app include the ability to search for images using the text/caption. For instance, you snap a photo of a sign reading ‘Dental services in New York’; well, you can retrieve the image after many days, months by just typing the word ‘dental’ on the app.
  3. Microsoft OneNote; save your text, drop and drag images across, include file attachments, create a checklist, record your audio, draw sketches if you so wish! That’s the Microsoft OneNote for you. The app is tech-savvy and compatible with all the major operating systems like Windows, Android, macOS, web, and ios.
  4. Milanote; if you work or deal with images more than you do with words, Milanote has all the tools you need. It provides with a kind of canvas where you can pin and paste your images, blocks, text, checklists and other forms of notes. The only major downside to this app is that it is only available for web use, not available in the form of mobile or desktop apps. This means you can’t share or collaborate your notes on multiple devices.
  5. Simplenote; Simplenote is popular for its ability to let you take notes with minimal distractions. It’s easy to set up and use, offers you clutter free space to work and edit your tasks. It’s a minimalist note-taking app; you can’t add images or sketches, no audio memos or such. However, you can share and collaborate your notes with other users; it’s compatible with the dominant OS and is completely free.

There are tons of note taking apps available today. You only need to know which one will best suit the tasks you wish to carry out.

Some apps are complex and with comprehensive tools; others have basic features that allow you to do the essential tasks only. Some will give you a free trial period of a month followed by a subscription plan payable monthly or in yearly plans.

Either way, app taking notes is an excellent way of increasing your productivity and organizational skills in 2019.

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