Top Pressure Washer Uses and Tips for 2019

The pressure washer is one of the most versatile tools that you can use to get a cleaning job done. Having one means you can remove dirt stains and grime without too much hassle. However, most people are unsure where and when they can use the pressure washer. This leaves them with a sitting and underutilized pressure washer around the home.

That is about to change and we have spent a couple of days testing on which surfaces and for which purposes you can actually use your pressure washer. Using it means you can now keep it going all the time and perhaps even ease off on suffering from cleaning tasks. Here are a couple of the best uses and tips for your pressure washer.

Top Pressure Washer Tips And Uses

Best Pressure Washer Uses:

A pressure washer is an instrumental tool when it comes to cleaning. Now, you can use it for more than simply washing your tile floors. Here are a couple of great uses that one can have for a great pressure washer:

1. Pool Cleaning:

We all have one of those brushes that allow you to thoroughly run through the swimming pool and clean every aspect of it. However, the pressure washer can be used to clean it as well. By setting the beam at the most powerful level, you can actually have it reach the side of the pools with the water still in it.

Additionally, one can also use the pressure washer to clean the surfaces around the pool and get rid of any potential grime or substances that are looking bad. This is great for stains that have been left unattended for a long time.

2. Windows:

Most people are too scared to use the pressure washer on windows. We can relate to that as many flimsy windows might crack or even break when too much pressure has been applied. However, the pressure washer does have a couple of nozzle attachments that allow you to set it up in a way that reduces the pressure to clean the windows.

3. Barbecue Grill:

You might not have known this, but most new or modern barbecue grills have a protected layer that covers them and protects them from things like rust or any other problems that may occur when they are left outside. It can be a real pain to clean a grill, especially when it has been used with a lot of oil. However, the pressure washer makes it much easier.

4. Chimneys And Brick Walls:

If you have a chimney, you will notice a lot of buildup of dirt that actually adds on top of one another as you are cooking or burning fire. This dirt can be a real pain to remove and it does not look great. By not cleaning it, you also run the risk of a fire hazard that may start in your home. However, the pressure washer will effectively get rid of this dirt and dust without you climbing in the chimney.

5. Motor Vehicles:

Last but certainly not least, the pressure washer is a great tool to keep your car clean. As long as you only use it on the outside of the car, you should not need to worry about any real hassles or issues occurring. The pressure washer should not really affect your paint or the color of your car and you can easily use it for cleaning.

Top Tips For Using A Pressure Washer:

Now that you have seen a couple of the uses that you might not have known, there are also a few tips that could make your life a whole lot easier. These tips can enable you to use the pressure washer more efficiently to get the job done:

  • Adding soap to the mix: When you set up the pressure washer, you can actually add soap to the mix. This will not only work with the powerful blast, but it can also remove some of the tougher stains and grime.
  • Understand the nozzle: While you will most likely receive a couple of nozzles in the range of 0 – 40 degrees, you should study them to use the right one at the right time. The lower the degree of the nozzle, the more water is let through and the more powerful it is.
  • Get the right distance: You might need to play around with this tip a little bit, but having the right distance with the right nozzle can keep some of your items that need washing from being damaged. This will vary depending on the materials.
  • Aim down: Aiming in a downward angle will also add more power to the pressure washer. When you are cleaning things like cushions or even concrete, you can aim it down to get the best possible spray.
  • Add safety measures: The pressure washer can fling materials all over the place and the water can even ricochet back into your face. Using things like safety goggles will ensure your safety and allow you to make the best out of the pressure washer.

These couple of tips might not seem like much, but they can definitely have a massive impact on your usage of the pressure washer. We recommend looking for more tips if you don’t think these are sufficient, aside from adding different accessories.


A pressure washer is a fundamental tool that anyone can actually use. It makes life that much easier and it can help you a lot with cleaning many things around the home. However, the pressure washer is something that can be used for many things and these tips should certainly help you to actually get it done.
We would like to thank you for reading this article and encourage you to share some of your thoughts. Let us know how you use the pressure washer and if we might have missed any other uses that you have found to be great. We look forward to reading these comments.

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