Best Ways To Keep Your Car Interior Clean And Organised

Most car owners hardly give much thought to the neatness and tidiness of the car interior. As long as they’ve arrived at their destination safely and with the luggage intact, nothing else matters.

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  • But come to think of it; do you know a neat and organised car interior inspires you positively? You’re relaxed, you enjoy driving more, plus your passengers also enjoy the ride.
  • Forget about the usual interior cleaning and vacuuming.  These simple, day to day steps will help you keep your car interior clean and organised.

They are tried and tested, and you’ll thank us later.

  1. Trash Can; trash can be in the form of a travel container or a plastic bag. Either way, ensure that you have a container to put trash and any waste generated when on the road. The food containers, soda cans, plastic cups, fruit peelings, sweet wrapping; all these are best disposed of in trash cans.  The can should be emptied on a daily basis or after every few days, depending on the type and amount of trash disposed of therein.
  2. Air freshener; air fresheners are a great way to keep your car smelling fresh all day long. Nowadays, you can get an air freshener that’s specially designed to be attached to your car’s vents. It releases the freshness automatically, and a passenger sitting next to you wouldn’t know where the freshness is emanating from! There are also the traditional fresheners that are attached to the rearview mirror.
  3. Upholstery; we all love the brand new look of new car seats and the general car interior. However, the high-quality plastic on the dashboard or latex seats is highly susceptible to spills and scratches. Using upholstery to cover such is a smart way to keep your interior looking clean and organised for many, many years. Most upholstery requires occasional mopping and dusting. Use a moist, soft piece of towel to mop the leather or latex upholstery; some detergents double up as air fresheners. Unless you’re sure you’ll maintain the high standards of cleanliness, desist from going for very bright upholstery. White, for instance, may look great and classy and it takes just one stain to mess up everything.
  4. Tissues/wet wipes; tissues will come in handy for wiping dust and those inevitable spills inside your car. Wet wipes are effective in cleaning up spills compared to dry tissues or the ordinary food napkins.
  5. Generate less; purpose to generate as less waste as possible. How about finishing your meals at the restaurant and getting to the car when done; rather than eating and taking sodas while on the road? The same applies to your children, friends; eating and drinking inside the car inevitably leads to spills, you leave behind packaging papers, bottle tops and corks, toothpicks, fruit peelings or seeds. The list is endless.
  6. Messes must be cleaned instantly; how many times have we noticed strains left from a spill but said well, that’ll be cleaned at the car wash? The longer you wait, the harder it’ll be cleaning such stains or spills.  A spill you could have wiped off right way may become a permanent stain that requires vigorous scrubbing with powerful detergents to remove. This means more damage to the car surface.
  7. Personal hygiene matters; one can tell how hygienic you are by looking at the neatness and tidiness of your car. Wipe and scrape your shoes off mud before getting in your vehicle. Uncouth habits like spitting while on the road, boozing and spilling drinks all over; keep off this and your car will always look clean, smell fresh.
  8. Occasional thorough cleaning; every once in a while, consider taking your car for a thorough car washing and refurbishing of the interior. Doing so makes your car look great for a very long time. You can even do this at home, get your family members or a friend to help clean and vacuum the interior. Use car polish and conditioners to refurbish the plastic parts of the interior to bring back their fading dazzle.
  9. Loose change container; lastly, consider having a container inside your car to store any loose change. There are times you’ll need to pay feeding meters and tolls; having some loose change within reach is a great way to stay organised. This is something you can quickly improvise, get that pill bottle and convert it into your loose change container.

In Conclusion;

Your car is your second home; it’s essential that you kept it as clean and organised as possible. Easy and obvious as the above tips may appear, few people adhere to them. Try them out today and see that your car will always be pleasant and tidy at all times.

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