10 Best Telescopic Gutter Cleaning Tools 2019

No matter how presentable your house might be, the gutter can easily spoil everything considering how they are prone to dirt. Cleaning and maintaining the gutter is anything but fun. However, with the right tools, you can get through it fast.  Let’s take you through some of the best telescopic gutter cleaning tools out there.

Our Top Pick

With so many great options to pick from, we settled on the MR LONGARM 6618  as out top pick thanks to the fact that its easy to use, durable and quite affordable.

#1. MR LONGARM 6618 – Top Pick



  • Highly durable
  • Easy to use
  • Pretty easy to twist and lock especially for extension and for the original length
  • The pole is sturdy
  • Affordable pricing
  • Safer compared to tall ladders and scaffolding


  • A bit heavy
  • A bit rigid
  • It can be wobbly at full extension

For the most part, the people who use the MR LONGARM 6618 have nothing but good things to say about it.


This telescopic gutter cleaner is easy to use and quite durable. Having been manufactured in the US, the product features a fiberglass exterior handle and an aluminum interior slider tube that is good enough even for professional use. In addition, its length extends with just a twist of the external locking cam making it conveniently easy to use.


A combination of features such as a standard die cast metal threaded tip and the paint roller frames make this one of the best cleaning tools out there.

#2. Orbit 58543 Telescoping Gutter – Best Value for the Money

Orbit 58543 Telescoping Gutter


  • Affordable
  • Rugged and durable build
  • Long enough for use without a ladder
  • Offers a decent level of control


  • Nozzle movement could be better
  • Has a bit of backlash

if you are looking for a telescopic wand that easily extends to fit your desired use, the Orbit 58543 is a solid pick.


It comes with a 180-degree Zinc sweeper nozzle rotation and its lightweight design makes it perfect for a variety of cleaning jobs. Does it get rid of pine needles? Well, yes it does but only if you have sufficient water pressure.


This tool gives you great flow control and with a rugged aluminum build quality, you can be sure of durability on most cleaning tasks. Apart from the gutter, you can use it to clean sidewalks, windows and curbs thanks to the four-point ratcheting head that make s cleaning a breeze.

Overall, the Orbit 58543 has a powerful spray power, especially when hooked to a garden hose.

#3. WORKSHOP  Gutter Cleaning Kit WS25051A– with a Wet-Dry Shop Vacuum

WORKSHOP  Gutter Cleaning Kit WS25051A


  • Painless cleaning  for larger sized debris
  • Works well with a powerful vacuum
  • Hooks to either side of the shop vacuum
  • Relatively lightweight  and portable design


  • Sometimes difficult to use from the ground/ without a ladder
  • Weak and sloppy joint connections

If you need a toolbox that can handle whatever you throw at it, trust Dewalt to come up with a top of the line quality. Yes, Dewalt is also an award-winning brand with a respectable history that spans over decades. Since 1922 the company has been developing woodworking machines, and electrical power tools that get the job done. For that reason, the DEWALT DWST08204 is designed to be a go-to for DIYers looking for a modular storage solution that can be used for any job.

This tool has a variety of features, for instance, the two additional extension wands that work in harmony with the wet-dry vacuum cleaning kit making gutter cleaning far much easier than regular tools.


It also comes fitted with a 90-degree elbow whose function is to simply direct the shop vacuum’s power towards the gutter in order to blow the leaves and debris sweeping the gutter clean of any dirt in an instant.


With a 2-1/2 inch diameter, collecting debris and large-sized twigs is effortless. After all, maximum airflow is ideal for gutter maintenance. The vacuum accessories are also characterized by a blower nozzle that easily attaches to either side of the shop vacuum to allow you to choose between sucking and blowing. And, with a male-to-male adapter in addition to the 90-degree elbow and a 2 hose extension wands mentioned above.

#4. Shop-Vac 9197000 2.5-Inch – Ideal for cleaning in fall

Shop-Vac 9197000 2.5-Inch


  • Great for fall and spring clean up
  • It’s inexpensive
  • Takes less storage space
  • The extensions make the reach easy


  • Too much pressure might render it useless
  • Easily gets clogged up

Are you scared of climbing ladders and at the same time hate gutters that need cleaning? Well, the Shop-Vac 9197000 is designed to be the perfect tool for the job.


With a total kit length of 5ft, this here is the kit that works for all gutter cleaning jobs. The tool is USA manufactured and operates well when used together with a detachable blower or vacuum blower port leaving your gutters free of debris and tree leaves. It features 120-degree elbow, extension wands of 2-1/2 inches and a concentrator nozzle.


You can go with the foam sleeve but we recommend that you don’t remove the paper filter as some water might end up getting sucked up thus ruining your paper filter.

#5. S SAVHOME Big-Reach Pole Hook  – Ideal for hard to reach places

S SAVHOME Big-Reach Pole Hook


  • Faster and safer compared to ladders
  • The tool is design patent
  • Ideal for a variety of hard to reach cleaning tasks


  • The front hook part is too deep making it difficult to insert into a typical handle or attaching it to a pole

A glance at this tool and the first question that pops in your head is how does this little tool work for gutter cleaning? Well, here’s is how.


Sure, its now the best tool for getting that “Big Reach” for removing large sized debris but, you could hook it up and use it to snag objects from the gutter.  It’s fast and safer compared to ladders and can work best from the ground to complete tasks that would otherwise be considered hard to reach around the home and property.


Moreover, it fits so well on all acme-threaded extension poles and common broom handles which is a definite win. With this tool, it becomes easier to retrieve, grapple, push, pull, organize, support and cart. Its design patent and its finishing is zinc-casted with hardened marine-grade chrome with machine thread and stainless-steel locking screw.

#6. BE Pressure 85.400.007 Washer Gutter Cleaner Attachment –  Good value for money

BE Pressure 85.400.007


  • Enables you to clean your gutters from the safety of the ground
  • Good pricing
  • Has tubes that rotate with ease in the regular wands because of the quick connection
  • Good quality; all standard nozzles and wands fit well


  • The designing of its angle makes it difficult to remove highly compacted leaves and debris off the gutter
  • Sometimes the device may not lock well in place under too much pressure

Most users have praised this unit for its affordable pricing and for the purpose it is designed to serve; it hardly disappoints.


Together with extension wands and pressure washer you are assured of sparkling clean gutters at the end of it all. Basically, this tool enables you to remove debris from gutters that hang low while attached to regular wands. Safety is therefore guaranteed since you are working from the ground.


Its tubing system is rather friendly; it rotates with ease in the regular wands because of the quick connection. Featuring ¼ inches Male plug quick connect inlet and a ¼ inches QC socket outlet to attach the nozzle, be sure to try this one out.

#7. Gutter Getter 00101 Cleaning Scoop – Flexible enough for any gutter

Gutter Getter 00101


  • Flexible enough to fit gutter of any size
  • Makes cleaning tasks easy and quick
  • Can be used for many other purposes around the home
  • It’s a durable product
  • Protects the hands
  • It’s pocket-friendly and totally fulfills its use


  • It doesn’t work well on barren style concrete tile roofs
  • A bit delicate because of the thin plastic

Living with gutters that require constant attention all through? Gutter Getter is a permanent solution for you and it is worth your every penny.


This is another simple yet useful gutter cleaner tool which is flexible enough and in perfect shape to fit all gutter types changing a tough and tedious gutter cleaning task to a quick and easy one. It features a high handle position that protects it from scraping and scratching. It’s is also designed to perform many other cleaning exercises around the home.


Overall, you get what you pay for with the Gutter Getter. It has the ability to remove two very huge handfuls of dirt with each scoop. Plus the device is marked for measurement which is great

#8. GENUINE OEM HUSQVARNA – Affordable pick with 4 extension tubes



  • Easy and fast to use from the ground level
  • Safe to use
  • Great kit to use in a home with a lot of trees for fall gutter clean out


  • Assembling of the swivels and tubings  takes time
  • You get sprayed with leaves and water since you are working from the ground.

Are you looking for something that will work with your 150BTback pack blower? Well, you are looking at the solution to your needs.


With this gutter cleaning kit, you get flex pipes that enable a reliable level of control and performance. Its the go-to kit for those who are not excited about a balancing act on top of a ladder. The kit comes with four extension tubing; 1 pivot tube and a Gutter Nozzle tube with a 12-inch maximum reach when held 2.5′ feet from the ground. It is designed to fit125B, 125BX, 150BT,& 125BVX handheld blowers only.

#9. Toro 51667 Gutter Cleaning Kit – Makes Cleaning work easy

Toro 51667 Gutter Cleaning Kit


  • Easy to clean your gutters with your feet firmly held on the ground
  • Reaches farther than most tools
  • The Toro  is powerful thus able to spray the gutter dirt pretty far
  • Excellent construction with thick and large and flexible plastic tubings
  • Saves you time and money


  • The nozzle is not adjustable
  • One must buy a Toro blower in order to use the kit

Sometimes all you need is a kit that you can rely on when removing debris, leaves and any other dirt from the gutter.


Featuring a design aimed at increasing air flow, this gutter cleaning kit is safety and reliable for reaching hard spots compared to other gutter cleaner tools. It will also give you the advantage of getting to gutters on one-story homes and even on uneven landscapes.


Given the five extensions, the length becomes easy to adjust such that it is possible to clean tough to reach areas. It has gutter nozzles, shoulder strap, and connection collar as well that work as expected. And, the designing ensure maximum airflow throughout the tube directing debris forward. It can fit most Toro Blowers 51574, 51690,51609, 51617, 51618, 51619, 51621, 51599, 51602 and 51592.

#10. Sun Joe SPX- with an aluminum extension – ideal nozzle adapter for fast cleaning

Sun Joe SPX- with an aluminum extension


  • It’s super compatible with all SPX Series Pressure Washers
  • Saves you from ladder climbing to reach higher areas
  • Saves time
  • Well designed and built extensions which fit pretty well


  • It’s super compatible with all SPX Series Pressure Washers
  • Saves you from ladder climbing to reach higher areas
  • Saves time
  • Well designed and built extensions which fit pretty well

Lastly, let’s take a look at at the Sun Joe SPX ESW4.


This kit extends your reach to about 9 feet enabling you to clean all out of reach places within the gutters including the siding, shutters, and windows with ease. You can do a variety of tasks thanks to the fact that it is made with an aluminum pole which extends to 5.5 feet and is durable.


It’s simple to assemble this gutter cleaner as it comes with a non-slip foam grip, allowing for comfort and control. With the nozzle adapter, you can connect to the Sun Joe SPX Series pretty first and since you won’t need a ladder, this tool will get your gutter clean in no time.

Best Telescopic Gutter Cleaning Tools Buyer’s Guide

Should you decide to buy a gutter cleaning equipment, there are a few things to bear in mind. Let’s take a look at what is important in a telescopic gutter cleaning device.

What happens if I don’t clean my gutter?

Given how hard it can be to clean a gutter, most homeowners will agree that it can be a little tempting to neglect your gutter and leave the debris where it is. However, a clean gutter leads to good drainage. The purpose of a gutter, after all, is to carry water away from the building and keep water flowing. Otherwise, you might have a situation where all the water is flowing onto the foundation of the building and weakening the structure of the house. An unclean gutter can even cause leaky roofs. Therefore, a clean gutter can be one of the most important places to maintain if you want to have a well-kept home.

How often should the gutter be cleaned?

Well, most professionals will tell you that a gutter should be maintained  once a year. Right when winter begins and right after autumn leaves and debris usually accumulate in the gutter. The best move here is to use a trowel, a ladder, a bucket, and a garden hose to get the job done. However, with a telescopic cleaning tool, you don’t even need a ladder and you can get rid of dirt from the ground.

How do you plan to use the tool?

Different homes come with different landscapes and therefore, different gutter designs. You need to pick a tool that works for your needs. If it’s a telescopic pole that extends to a length that fits your roof, go for it. Remember to take your time to make necessary comparisons between the tools in order to make an informed decision

How to get to the high gutter?

Well, you can use a ladder but now that you have a list of over 10 tools to take advantage of, all you need with some of the telescopic poles is a decent homemade gutter vacuum. You can then attach your pole using a hose and pass the gutter vacuum over the gutter to get rid of debris from the ground.

Length of the pole

The best telescopic gutter tools will help you avoid the hustle that comes with using a ladder for cleaning your gutter. Obviously, different gutter cleaning tools come with different lengths and sizes. However, it is very important that you go with the best length especially if you are dealing with a gutter that is set high. Some have an adjustable pole and these ones can make work pretty easy especially at the end of autumn when leaves and debris have gathered on your gutter. If the pole extends or can be attached to an extension, that simply means you have gotten a deal that is hard to turn down so go for it.


Performance matters with telescopic gutter cleaners. You need a tool with a nozzle designed for effective cleaning from the ground so that you don’t have to repeat your work. Furthermore, the grip and the level of control also matters. If you have a big house, there is a good chance you will spend some time cleaning. As a result, the last thing you want it to end up with a blistered palm. Go with an option that gives you better control and a firm comfortable grip.

Does the brand matter?

Well, it does and we advise that you go with reputable manufacturers if you want to have reliable quality and durability. If the manufacturer has a long history of producing quality products, there is a good reason you should settle with that gutter cleaner.


You can purchase a poor quality product ora faulty gutter cleaning tool by bad luck. Therefore, you need to be covered for such unexpected occurrences. While buying these products, ensure that they have a form of warranty and that you understand its terms and conditions. Most of the time, products sold online without warrants tend to have performance issues down the line. When such issues happen, it gets problematic to reach a resolution without the protection of a warranty. Next time you make a purchase, enquire from the buyer if they guarantee their products for any amount of time. Plus also check to see whether there is a return policy in place. Who knows, you might end up saving yourself form extra trouble

The weight of the product

This is an important aspect to consider because there are devices that are rather heavy to carry around for long making gutter cleaning a strenuous task. I would recommend you buy lightweight cleaning tools to protect your arms from unnecessary muscle pain.


Gutter cleaning and subsequent maintenance is a temporary solution to a permanent problem. You might need to do gutter protection to lessen the time, money and energy spent cleaning the gutter. An effective gutter protection system will keep your gutter free from debris and leaves most of the time meaning you will only need to clean it up once in a while. But with our list of ten of the best gutter cleaning tools out there, you can be sure to find what works for needs in the meantime. Be sure to buy durable and effective cleaning kits as well.

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