Top 7 Pressure Washer Accessories You Must Have in 2019

Now that you have your pressure washer ready for use, you might run out of uses for it. However, you might find that there are many great accessories that you can add to make the best out of your pressure washer experience. It could add a new touch to the system and you can actually make your life a little easier as well.

We have found a couple of the top pressure washer accessories that you can actually use to ensure your life is made much easier. You no longer need to worry about all the other things and you can use these accessories to help with a certain task and cleaning certain objects. We will look at how effective these accessories can be.

Top 7 Pressure Washer Accessories You Must Have in 2019

Best Pressure Washer Accessories On The Market Today:

We all want to have a pressure washer and once you have your ready and set, you might find that you run out of the most common use. You might have the need to clean something specific and think you can’t. However, there are many great pressure accessories that can add to the efficiency of your pressure washer:

1. Nozzles:

The first accessory that you will find is the different nozzles that you can choose from. While you will have a couple of nozzle attachments added, the pressure washer does not stop there and with a rotating nozzle, you can control the power more effectively to get the job done in a faster time.

If this is not enough, the new multi-function nozzle is one of the very best that you can find and it allows you to adjust the angles in the right way. Instead of having too much pressure, the rotating nozzles will make life much easier. You can wash different items with this nozzle and not need to constantly interchange them.

2. Extension Wand:

The extension wand is a really helpful tool to have when you need to reach different places that many consider out of reach. The pressure washer itself might have a lot of range, but even the best nozzles will have limits. To circumvent these nozzles, you will need to have something that can help you actually reach it.

There are numerous different extension wands that you can choose from and all of them will make a massive difference. These extension wands are designed to help you extend the reach and one of the longest we have seen, can actually add an additional 24-inches to your pressure washer and ensure that you reach those tough spots.

3. Pivot Coupler:

The Pivot Coupler is one of those attachments that you don’t think you need until you have it. It can change the angle of the pressure washer nozzle and allow you to get underneath or on top of things that are out of reach. This will definitely make your life much easier and allow you to complete your jobs faster.

You do need to keep in mind that the nozzles are at different angles and they might have a change in pressure that is required. You probably need to change this to ensure you get the right pressure to get the job done.

4. Gutter Cleaning Attachment:

The gutter cleaning attachment is one of the top things you can add if you have many gutters around the house. This attachment is designed to ensure don’t need to worry about reaching deep into them. The gutter cleaning attachment is an efficient way to add more power and allow you to get the nozzle inside dirty gutters

5. Different Detergents:

You might need to play around with this one a little bit, but there are many different detergents that can be added. Adding these detergents are great accessories to remove tough dirt and grime, especially if it has been left for a while. We recommend looking at a few of the catalogs to find the right detergent for all your cleaning needs.

6. Hose Reels:

If you don’t want to add the pivot coupler, you can add the hose reel. This will allow you to change the pivot of the unit in a different angle and give you more control over the nozzle from the end you are holding in your hands. The hose reel is also one of the most expensive parts of the pressure washer and will allow you to get the job done efficiently

7. Rotary Surface Cleaner:

The rotary surface cleaner is one of the top things that one needs to consider when you want to clean your surfaces. This surface cleaner is efficient and almost looks like the vacuum cleaner. This enables users to more efficiently clean and get the job done it will easily get the job done around the outside surfaces. However, when used inside, it will keep some of your softer surfaces protected.

Which accessory is the best?

To say one of these accessories is the best will not be easy, but if you had to choose one, it is much better to choose the different nozzles. Since they will allow you to clean almost everything, you can also use the multi-nozzle to change some of the angles and pivot it as it could help to reduce or improve the power that is exerted.


Having seen everything and used most of these attachments, I can actually say that they do all the work. These attachments are effective at getting the job done and they will make your life that much easier when you are cleaning. There are many more attachments that you can choose from, but these are the most essential that I found.

Let us know in the comment section if you agree and which of the other attachments or accessories you would have rather used. We would love to see some of the tips and angles that have been used to do certain things.

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